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The London Runner Distance Club is a provincially and nationally registered club that competes in Track, Cross Country, and Road Racing. Serving London and area since 2006, LRDC athletes range from elementary school age to Masters (40+), and compete anywhere from the local level to representing Canada internationally. If you are looking to have fun and improve yourself as both a runner and as a person, you've come to the right place.

The Vision

The goal of the London Runner Distance Club is to create an atmosphere for success for our athletes. The club offers not just training partners and coaches at workouts, but an entire community of supportive individuals looking to help all our athletes in their  pursuit of excellence and enjoyment of the sport - whether that be in placing well at a local competition, qualifying for a National or International Championship, or having fun at one of many London Runner social events. 

New Athletes

New athletes interested in joining enter a trial period during which they attend workouts for 2 weeks, followed by an interview. This process is designed to ensure athletes are going to be positive, contributing members to the group. The guiding principle through all groups is that of long-term development and viewing running as a life-long activity that enhances other areas of your life.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to help cover Membership Fees, upon request.
College/University students have reduced membership rates.
Out-of-province travel funding is available, as are significant levels of support for carded High Performance athletes through the London New Balance Racing Team.

2014 LRDC Membership Benefits

All Full Year Members
-weekly training opportunities with experienced coaches

-coupon for 1 pair New Balance shoes (except ‘Affiliate’ athletes)
-significantly discounted entry fees into all
London Honda road races
-10% off at
Runners' Choice and New Balance London for athletes & immediate family
-25% discount for on New Balance shoes & apparel at both stores for athletes
-racing singlet and warm-up shirt (except ‘Affiliate’ athletes)
-bi-weekly Club Newsletter

Full Year Competitive (Minor to Masters)
-training schedule based around personal goals and skill level
-Athletics Ontario registration fees
-entry into all Club-sanctioned Track and Cross Country races
-eligible to apply to London New Balance Racing Team (carding)


Membership Categories

The London Runner Distance Club membership categories are designed around a long-term development model that guides athletes through the sport from Minor to Masters competitions. LRDC has had excellent success in developing runners using this model. Athletes juggling multiple sport commitments may enter into a seasonal membership

Minor Program

A fun introduction to running, the Minor Program experienced huge growth in 2013 and will look to continue growing and teaching kids the Fun of Running in 2014.

Coached by Matt Suda (
Ages 7-12 (YOB 2002-2007)
$400 annual; $200 per season
The Minor Program includes entry fees to all London Honda Race Series events for distances 5k and under.

Bantam, Midget, and Youth Programs

The Youth Head Coach Leslie Sexton will coach all Bantam, Midget, and Youth athletes in 2014. This program will introduce young runners to competitive running, while they learn from one of the most successful distance runners to ever live and train in London.

Coached by Leslie Sexton (

11-13 (YOB 2001-2003)
Cost $580 annual; $300 per season

14-15 (YOB 1999-2000)
Cost $580 annual; $300 per season

16-17 (YOB 1997-1998)
Cost $705 annual; $350 per season

Junior, Senior, and Masters Programs

Head Coach Steve Weiler will coach all Junior, Senior, and Masters athletes in 2014. This program will focus on producing peak performances and top age-group performances for the Masters athletes.

Coached by Steve Weiler (

18-19 (YOB 1995-1996)
Cost $805 annual; $400 per season

Collegiate Competitive
in college or university program in January
Cost $480 annual

Collegiate Affiliate
in college or university program in January
Cost $25/month

Senior Competitive
20+ (YOB <1995)
Cost $805 annual; $400 per season

Senior Training
20+ (YOB <1995)
Cost $380 annual; $200 per season

Masters Competitive
30+ (YOB <1985)
Cost $680 annual; $350 per season

Masters Training
30+ (YOB <1985)
Cost $380 annual; $200 per season

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